Our 91% Contest has closed but . . . .

Our contest is now closed but check back next week when we’ll announce the winner and post the results of all the single use plastic found on Bonaire.


We all know plastic waste is a problem around the world, but how many single use plastics can you name?

Send us your list of all the single use plastic found daily on Bonaire in stores, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, beaches—anywhere you come across it.

The longest list emailed to us wins a lunch for 2 at one of Bonaire’s most popular restaurants Between 2 Buns.

What you need to know . . . .

Email us your list to aplasticfreebonaireinfo@gmail.com with the subject line: 91%.

Contest ends 12:00 pm the 30th of November 2018. All the items on your list are subject to our judges discretion. So keep it real and keep it fun!

Only those people with a Bonaire sedula card can enter.

Only one entry per person.

To enter give us a Follow on Facebook and Instagram. If you really believe by working together we can make Bonaire plastic free, give us a share.

This campaign is sponsored by the gracious support of Between 2 Buns.

Did you know that 91% of plastic we use isn’t recycled?

Source: National Geographic July 19th, 2017

Konkurso un Boneiru 91% liber di plèstik

Nos tur sa ku plèstik ta un problema rònt mundu, pero kuanto artikulo di plèstik ku ta wòrdu usa un bia so bo por nombra?

Manda nos un lista di tur artikulo di plèstik ku ta wòrdu usa diariamente ku ta
usa un bia so ku por haña na Boneiru den tienda, supermarkado, toko, restorant, playa i sobra kaminda ku por hañ’é.

E-mail nos bo lista i entrada pa por gana Lunch pa 2 na un di e restorant mas popular na Boneiru Between 2 Buns.

Kosnan ku mester sa.
E-mail nos ku bo entrada na aplasticfreebonaireinfo@gmail.com ku e linea di tòpiko 91% Konkurso ta termina 12:00 pm 30 november 2018. Tur e artikulo riba bo lista ta tópiko pa nos huesnan diskreto, pues tene real i dibertido!

Solamente persona ku sedula di Boneiru por partisipa.

Solamente un entrada pa kanda persona.

Pa drenta sigui nos riba Facebook o Instagram, si bo ta kere trahando hunto nos por hasi Boneiru liber di plèstik, partisipá ku nos.

E kampaña ta di sponsor pa medio di boluntat i sosten di Between 2 Buns.

Bo tabata sa ku 91% di plèstik ku nos ta usa no resikla?

Fuente di informashon: National Geographic july 19th, 2017

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