North Pier

About the Photographer

 Aja Radl was born in Prague, Czech Republic but spent most of her life in the Netherlands, where she was a successful translator and interpreter.  As a diver she fell in love with Bonaire a long time ago and in 2014 she decided to pursue her passions and hobbies and move to the island. 

Through her photographs, Aja expresses her love for the abundant nature and beauty of Bonaire. 

When she is not photographing, she hunts Lionfish to keep the reefs healthy, volunteers as a dive instructor for Stinapa’s Junior Rangers Program and does volunteer work for Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire. 

You can see more of Aja’s photographs at:

If you are interested in purchasing her photographs please visit: Pasa Bon Pizza’s bar, The Multishop in Hato or Bonaire Coastal Living on Kaya Industria or e-mail her directly:

Aja Radl Photography

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